Graphic Design

NG Art Creative Residency

NG Art Creative Residency Provence. 

2017 - Logo Design

This internship took me all the way to France, where I scoped the beautiful provencal countryside to inspire the new logo for Nicky Ginsberg’s dream project. 

Inspired by the locally growing poppy, and coloured in the shade of the swing shutters that frame the windows in the local town, the floral addition to Ginsberg’s existing logo breathes the air of Provence. 

Illustrated poppies

The creative residency is situated on a 17th century estate that invites all creatives far and wide a “place of respite”. I was honoured to work on this project beside the daring and inspiring Ginsberg, and have plans to venture my way back to the beautiful estate at my earliest possible chance. 


Printed flyer design & example of elements in use.

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