Graphic Design

If You Don't Mind Podcast

If You Don’t Mind Podcast

Logo and branding

In 2019, I was honoured to work alongside the brilliant Madelaine Cherrington to develop the branding, logo, cover art and opening instagram feed for her podcast’If You Don’t Mind’. 

The brief was to play inside of a mood: Youthful yet wise, sensitive yet strong, new and progressive. The podcast talks about mental health, through interviews with everyday folks. I wanted to design the branding to fit Maddie’s contagiously warm spirit. 

Logo & Podcast Cover Art

The Instagram Feed was a collage design, a fitting trend for the time it was released. However, I ensured   each individual post had its own unique image and purpose, so that it didn’t matter if it showed on the main feed stream or was viewed on the profile as a whole. 

I recommend giving the podcast a listen if you haven’t already. 

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